SnapChat: “Selfies, shameless selfies.”

By: Mary Ries

Have you ever been waiting for class to start and notice a classmate making a heinous looking face while glaring at her phone? Or have you ever been in the “caf” and noticed a table full of students all fixated on their phones? Ever wonder what they were doing? Chances are they are caught up in the world of SnapChat.

SnapChat has taken The Hill by storm. According to, SnapChat is a new app for iPhone and Android phones that allows users to send pictures and videos up to 10 times faster than standard Multimedia Messaging Services.  SnapChat was created by Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy. The duo met at Stanford University where they spent much of their time together as Kappa Sigma Fraternity brothers. After graduating in 2010, Spiegel and Murphy came together to last spring and founded the picture taking phenomenon known as SnapChat.

The appeal of SnapChat to students is that the images disappear within ten seconds. A notification is sent to the recipient of the image, and they have up to ten seconds to look at the image before it vanishes. Junior Victoria Bridges enjoys using SnapChat because, “You can communicate with everyone instantly using pictures and because you can edit the pictures,” said Bridges. The app is also appealing to users because the senders are able to tell if the recipient took a screenshot of the image before it disappeared.

SnapChat’s vanishing trick is one of the reasons why over 50 million snaps are sent per day. Freshman Fromie Gonzalez finds the disappearing images as a way to make sure that there is “no evidence” left of the image.  Gonzalez says that he specifically likes SnapChat because of the ability to send, “Selfies, shameless selfies.”  According to the Wall Street Journal, a “selfie” is an image taken by the same person who is in the picture. Many “selfie” lovers favor front-facing smartphone cameras to achieve the best quality “selfie.”

Whether it is taking a “selfie” picture making a horrendous face and snapping it to your BFF or sending a picture of a friend, SnapChat is providing ways for students to communicate faster than ever through images. SnapChat is currently listed as one of the top free iOS photo apps in the U.S. rivaling with other photography apps such as Instagram. To download SnapChat for your phone, visit the app store.

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