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By Alex Sierra

This past Thursday, some of the teachers of Spring Hill College took part in the GreenKeepers’ Pepper Your Professor. This event is a fundraiser that the GreenKeepers created to help raise money for their club. The rules have changed a bit since the last event but the idea is still the same: Students put money into a jar with a professor’s name on it; the amount of money in each professor’s jar determines how many peppers they must attempt to eat.

SGA Asks the Questions, Students Get Answers

By Shaunicy Muhammad

Last week, the Student Government Association announced that it has been working through various possibilities to make the student experience on campus more satisfying. Ricardo Pita, president of SGA, said that they are going down several avenues to bring some new changes to the student experience. The first of those initiatives is working with dining services provider Aramark to rework the hours of operation for the cafeteria.


By Erinn Vogel

On Oct. 26, singer/songwriter and actress Taylor Swift Tweeted, Facebooked, and Instgramed: “IT’S OUT IT’S OUT IT’S OUT. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. GO GO GO.” If you don’t know what she was referring to all you had to do was check out iTunes and watch her fifth album, 1989, climb to the number one spot.

“I knew it was going to be a good album when she released her first single, “Shake it Off”, and I was right. She delivered,” says senior Jill Taliancich. “Shake it Off”, which was released on Aug. 18, was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a week.

MSU Students Discuss the Importance of Diversity on Campus

By Shaunicy Muhammad

On Oct. 28, the college will begin a series of race dialogues based on the film “Mobile: Black and White.” The dialogues will serve as a venue for students, faculty, and residents of Mobile to discuss race relations and to talk about their own personal experiences. Spring Hill College has had a long and storied history within the racial debate that has long plagued American society.

Going Bald for a Good Cause

By Erinn Vogel

Spring Hill’s Tri Deltas are going bald for a day. The girls will be wearing bald caps on October 17th  to raise awareness for childhood cancer.  Tri Delta philanthropy chair and junior, Emily Thrush, along with co-chair and sophomore, Katie Abbot, got the idea from the non-profit, Be Bold Be Bald.


By Ryan Flynn

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, yet it hasn’t entirely caught on in the United States. Rugby has found its way back into the Summer Olympics and the Rugby World Cup is coming up next year and will take place in England.

Rugby is often overlooked as a sport but it is one of the toughest and intense sports in the world. Did you know George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Chris Farley all played rugby? I also bet you didn’t know Russell Crowe, Gerard Butler, or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson played as well.

SHC Baseball Player Overcoming Tremendous Adversity

By Brandon Krus

Many athletes, in both the professional and collegiate level, suffer devastating injuries that put them out for a while. For some, they never truly recover from their injuries. Willie Floros, a junior third baseman, is in the process of doing just that.

Miniclier Taking his Game to the Next Level

By Ryan Flynn

Junior Eric Miniclier recently got a very rare opportunity. He was able to travel to Glendale, Co. to train with coaches from the USA rugby team through a group called Serevi Rugby. Serevi Rugby is an elite training academy that recruits players all across the country and invites the worthy to come train with them. Miniclier gained exposure when he went to the regional tryout in New Orleans last spring.

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