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By MatthewLABORDE - UPDATED as of February 26, 2014

Twelve to fourteen Spring Hill students have been found to be directly involved with the $30,000 worth of damage done to the golf course on Saturday, Feb. 15. Director of Public Safety Todd Warren was not able to release the names of the students, nor was he able to release the final count of students involved in the vandalism incident.

Video: Spring Hill's Snow Resort

By: Matthew LaBorde, Kiva Talty, and Bre Vaughn

Attention Badgers: Spring Hill is no longer a country club. As of January 28, we can now be considered a snow resort. 

Students were ecstatic to recieve this message on their phones Tuesday afternoon:

After that, students hit the Spring Hill golf course with storage bins, yoga mats, "Slippery When Wet" maintenance signs, skim boards, boogie boards, and makeshift snowboards. 

Admissions Prepares For A Busy Season

By Chelsea Wallace, Alicia Candela

It’s lunchtime on the Hill, and amid the sea of purple polos, excited and nervous faces look around in search of food.

While scanning the options available in the Spring Hill dining hall, prospective students walk with Springhillian Ambassadors who guide and invite the visitors to join them for lunch.

More than 400 students visited Spring Hill College on Oct. 19 for one of many Badger Days, the Admissions Office’s Open House for high school students looking to attend SHC.


By Kiva Talty

For freshman Myron Fleming, it all started with a laptop. Fleming, who started mixing beats on his own in middle school, has developed his hobby into a passion, starting with beats and rapping before discovering radio and podcasting.

Is Fear a Factor to You?

By: Eric Thomas

Spring Hill College’s Fear Factor Event continues to grow in popularity each year.

Spiders, heights, and cockroaches, what do these things all have in common? They all cause a strong sense of fear in some people. Think about it: How many times have you been hanging around campus or your own home, just minding your own business when, all of a sudden, there’s a terrifying shriek from somewhere close by. 

More Bang for Your Badgerbuck?

By JacquelynSAUNEE

What if you could use your Badgerbucks to grab a warm alpine mocha or a peanut butter scream from Carpe? What if you could call up Jimmy John’s, order an Italian Nightclub, and pay the driver with your student ID?

Currently, badger bucks are accepted at McKinney’s, the golf course clubhouse, Java City and Pizza Hut. However, many students express a desire for more off-campus dining options. 



Just as a movie has its production crew, the ones you don’t see in the film, sports teams have their own production crew as well – the manager.

Besides the players on the field and the coaches barking out orders in the limelight, a crucial role takes place behind the scenes. 

Manning vs. Wilson: A Game to Watch

By: MJ Connell

The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks prepare to face off in a winter classic, playing in the first Super Bowl to be played outdoors in a northern city.

This analysis of both teams will serve up who will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the day’s end.

Bowling teams compete at Spring Hill Badger Classic

By Anna DeWine

The men’s and women’s bowling teams hosted their first home tournament, the Spring Hill College Badger Classic, on Saturday and Sunday at Mobile’s Skyline Lanes.

The men finished in third place and the women came in at fourth. Five schools attended the tournament. Florida State University was victorious for the men and Emmanuel College for the women.

SHC men rolled a combined score of 7,980 over 16 games. They ended 766 pins behind tournament champion Florida State.

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